NorthWest Research are a specialist research organisation, located in Northern Ireland, that offer a range of services for individuals or organisations looking to conduct high quality research 

Initial Stages

Don't know where to start? 

NorthWest Research can provide you with the springboard to get your research project underway.

We can help you develop your research project, taking you through the stages of research development, conducting literature reviews to inform the study, and identifying appropriate questionnaires or designing new measures to get to the heart of your research question.

Gathering information

Need to get information?

We are experienced in the collection of data, gathering information and engaging with the public.

We use various statistical packages to create a coding frame which will be used to group the information into key variables for analysis.

This allows the data to be analysed in a more effective and efficient manner.

Data Analysis & Reports

What is your data telling you?

NorthWest research use current industry standard statistical applications, such as SPSS, LISREL and MPlus to analyse data sets.

We use our expertise to interpret the findings and produce a report or article which places these findings in context within the scientific literature.

Contact NorthWest Research

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